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What does code-share mean?

In order to offer more destinations and flights, Air France partners with other airlines to shares routes and flights. These code-share flights are provided by one company or another and are sold under the flight numbers of 2 airlines. Please note: Your Flying Blue loyalty programme also works with flights provided by our partner companies.

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Can I request a flight cancelation receipt?

If your flight was canceled, you can download a flight cancelation receipt in the Flight status section up to 29 days after your initial departure date.

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How can I find out the length of my flight?

This information is available in the "Flight & destination information" section. Simply enter your departure date and airport and your place of arrival to see all necessary information, including the duration of the flight. For upcoming flights (same day and next day departures) you can search by flight number.

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Can I cancel my flight online?

You will find all information concerning flights changes and cancelation in "My bookings" section. Please note: changes and cancelation are subject to the fare conditions of your ticket.

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Can I request a flight delay receipt?

If your flight reached its destination with a delay of more than 10 minutes over the originally scheduled time, you can download a flight delay receipt in the Flight status section up to 180 days after your initial departure date.

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Where can I find information on general strikes?

If a strike occurs, either in your arrival or destination airport, you can find information that is updated in real time:

  • on, section "Flight & destination information > All flight times > Flight time updates in real time,
  • on our site or on the Air France app,
  • by contacting our call center.

If flight schedules are disrupted, specific information "Operations news" will be posted on the home page of our website. Our commercial team will do its utmost to reduce the inconvenience caused by this action and inform you as soon as possible.

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Where can I find a flight's departure or arrival terminal?

You can find information about your flight's arrival or departure terminal on our website's "Flight times in real time" section.

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Can I track a flight in real time?

To access flight schedules and information in real time, visit the "Flight status” page. There you will find:

  • your flight’s departure and arrival times,
  • information on conditions that could affect your flight (weather, technical incidents, political and social unrest, etc.).

You can search by flight number or destination. All of this information is also accessible via your mobile phone.

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What is short-haul flight?

The Air France short-haul network includes:

  • flights within metropolitan France,
  • flights within the Caribbean (Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-a-Pitre, Port-au-Prince, Miami, Santo Domingo).

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What is long-haul flight?

The Air France long-haul network includes most intercontinental flights, notably those:

  • between metropolitan France and the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean,
  • between metropolitan France and the French overseas departments and territories,
  • between Europe and Asia, Oceania, Africa (not including North Africa), North or South America, or the Middle East .

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What is medium-haul flight?

The Air France medium-haul network includes:

  • flights in Europe between the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France (not including flights within metropolitan France), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom,
  • flights between Europe and North Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia).

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