Discover our inflight safety video

New safety instructions

New safety instructions

A true celebration of French culture, our new inflight safety video rigorously integrates the latest regulatory changes. Emblematic of the Air France brand, the film was designed as an invitation to the world to travel, as well as a love letter to France and its art of living.


Follow along backstage with our crew to (re)discover some of the most beautiful places in France. The film was directed by French director and scriptwriter Romain Quirot and the original music penned by Ludovic Bource, a French composer who won a César and an Oscar.


Let our flight attendants guide you from the steps of the Opéra Garnier to the Palace of Versailles, from the sunny landscapes of the French Riviera to the mythical Hotel Martine. The tour culminates on the second floor of the iconic glittering Eiffel Tower with a real Air France crew.

Crew in front of a fountain

Six years after the previous inflight video, our safety instructions have been updated and enhanced. They have been adapted in line with changes in regulations, the arrival of new aircraft, and the refurbishment of certain aircraft.

Eiffel Tower